Michael Vick plea agreement

In case anyone’s interested, here it is (PDF).

The most damning part is the penultimate paragraph:

I’m sure the prosecutor wouldn’t have settled for anything less than that.

But he didn’t plead guilty gambling and said he got no from the fights, which means he didn’t admit to the charge that could have gotten him banned from the NFL for life. And according to ESPN’s reading of the plea, he admits he was aware of the killing of the dogs in April, but doesn’t admit he took part in them.

There are two incidents of dog killing discussed in the plea. The first was in the summer of 2002 (discussed in paragraph 12). In that instance, Vick does not admit to participating in the killing. In the April 2007 instance, (paragraph 32) he admits he participated. (That’s my interpretation, anyway. It seems clear enough.)

I’m not a lawyer, obviously, but I can imagine an interpretation where saying the dogs died as a result of his efforts (along with others) doesn’t mean he literally killed them. If he was admitted to actually killing them, I think it would be spelled out.