Micheal Jackson - white all over?

Did a quick google, couldn’t find anything conclusive…any definite answers from the teeming millions?

Forgive my quick reply, I have to get to work.

A few days ago the American TV (CNN or MSNBC) showed a photo of MJ showing off his bruises he got from being beaten and manhandled by the police.

He had his sleeve rolled up and was that same ghastly white all the way up. Had some nice purple bruises too.

Assuming that he really does have Vitiligo, there is a treatment available that will remove the pigment from the entire body creating an all over even skin tone. Also assuming that he has undergone this treatment then yes, he would be white all over. Barring a note from his doctor or testamony from Lisa Marie (or someone else who has seen him in his birthday suit) you’re unlikely to get a definitive answer on this one.

http://www.aad.org/pamphlets/Vitiligo.html Treatment is mentioned near the bottom of the page.

Paul: Michael aledges that he was mistreated…there seems to be no actual evidence of this and after the police refuted his claim with video and audio he has said nothing more of it. I imagine that his lawyer would have had a field day with the police if this had actually happened. It’s extraordinarily unlikely that those bruises (half way up his forearm) were caused by handcuffs as he claims.