Michele Bachmann becomes Swiss.

Meh, let her go. Just don’t let her back.

After all, Du Lac IS the perfect place… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m amazed that she didn’t anticipate that her base would have a problem with this.

Hilariously, Mark Krikorian of National Review Online is blaming those on the left, “The fact that even a patriot like Bachmann would do something like this is testament to how thoroughly the moral relativism of the post-national Left has permeated our culture.” Yeah, like they held a gun to her head and forced her to do this.

It’s doubly amusing because that crowd claims that one thing that distinguishes conservatives from libruls is that conservatives know the importance of taking responsibility for your own actions, rather than blaming it on society or whatnot.

As one of my favorite political satires once said, the less you plan to do about something, the more you must talk about it. Conservatives talk about liberals “playing the victim card”, and that the mainstream media, academic elites, Hollywood, militant atheists, gays, and now moral relativists are out to destroy their way of life.

I am reminded of the line spoken by William Marcy “Boss” Tweed in the movie “Gangs of New York”:

The appearance of the law MUST be upheld. ESPECIALLY when it’s being broken

In a lot of countries, including mine (Dominican Rep.), dual citizens are not eligible for the presidency. Peru enacted a similar law after the whole Fujimori brouhaha.

Nobody is granted citizenship against their will. You might be eligible for it, but that doesn’t mean the country goes out of their way to claim you as their own against your will. Imagine that, we could have declared Bush (or Obama) a Dominican by decree and automagically make them ineligible to become POTUS.

Our country has a convoluted mixture of Jus Sanguinus and Jus Solis, and is not like we are Shanghaiing children of Dominicans born abroad into citizenship. Even if by the letter of the law they have all the rights of every other citizen, to get their documents and stuff they have to apply and prove their rights.
FTR, my daughter is ineligible for office in both of her countries. We don’t have a process of renunciation. You can not quit your Dominican citizenship. You cannot be stripped of it either.

Mighty_Girl, I am NOT an immigration lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that if your daughter has US citizenship she can run for any office except President, once she’s of age. Arnold Schwartzenegger was Governor of our largest state, and he was not born in the US. I saw an interview with Madeline Albright and she said while Secretary of State she could not participate in exercises practicing for emergencies leading to succession, since she was born in Czechoslovakia and therefore could not be POTUS. But she was still Secretary of State. And the requirement that the POTUS be “natural born” may get repealed before your daughter runs for the White House.

IIRC, the non-Jewish spouses of Jews by birth are covered by the Right of Return under Israeli law. AIUI, it’s so the family isn’t broken up or have different statuses based on religion.

Italy has something similar. My mom got Italian citizenship through my dad despite neither of them having lived there.

So, have they scheduled a special election to fill her seat yet? Because obviously, by Tea Party logic, as soon as she gained the dual citizenship, she became ineligible for Congress, and her seat therefore vacated.

Doesn’t work that way when you’re white.

Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. My daughter’s other nationality is Danish. Denmark does not recognize it, when she is of age she’ll have to renounce her Dominican nationality. Which means jack, because the Dominican Rep. does not accept renunciation. Once Dominican, forever Dominican.

And the DR forbids people with double nationality to hold office. A nice catch 22.

Anyway, I’d rather my daughter grows up to become an honest citizen. That will rulle out a career as a politician. :smiley:

Might as well accept that we’re stuck with her.