Michelle branch

‘Spirit room’ is a stunning Cd and eqsily one of the best albums of the year…the three she released as singles are probably the best, go get that CD!!
downside: only 11 songs.

And she’s hot.

And she’s the first human clone, I think. Have we ever actually seen her and Vanessa Carlton in the same room?

Reason No. 1 to not like Michelle Branch: I know her name because of an AOL commercial.

She and Vanessa Carlton are over-played, I am very tired of them.
I hope Ashanti or Norah Jones gets Best New Artist.

I don’t see more than a superficial physical resemblance between Michelle and Vanessa.

And I think Michelle’s great, although I concede Intaglio’s point that she’s way overplayed.

has it occured to you that she is overplayed becaus she is good? although that rule does not apply for most of the music on radio these days…
And is someone saying Ashanti is better?horrors!

But Norah Jones…amazing.

She’s overplayed, but that’s not her fault. She’s also tragically overproduced, but I suppose that’s not necessarily her fault either. If you haven’t heard them, find her acoustic songs online (I don’t think you can buy it anywhere). The acoustic versions are almost all abundantly better than the album/radio versions.

She’s definitely talented, and she actually writes her stuff as well (always a rarity on top 40 radio). I’m looking forward to what she puts out in the future.

And she plays the guitar!!Plus she has a great voice, is really hot and her music has some depth.