Michelle Wie – 9 Caddies and Counting

Brian Smallwood’s tenure as Michelle Wie’s ninth caddie lasted just one round as the 15-year-old opted to give the bag-carrying duties to her father on the second day of the Evian Masters.

Wie has already gone through an illustrious list of caddies, including Fanny Sunesson (Nick Faldo’s bag carrier for many of his six major titles) and Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowan (who caddied Tiger Woods to his early triumphs and is now with Jim Furyk, I believe). Wie said that Smallwood had been replaced because there was “no chemistry” between them.

Annika Sorenstam, world number one and winner of the same number of majors as Wie has had caddies, but with only two caddies in 11 years, had wise words for the teenager: “Yardages and understanding the game are important, but it’s what you say in the tough moments that is vital,” she said. “If you only get 24 hours, it’s a hard job.”

Wie is 7 shots behind the leaders with two rounds to play.

How can I become a caddy? What do I do, carry a guys bag, and recant morale boosting anecdotes?

Doesn’t sound too hard.

From what I understand, you must learn the course very well. Study it like it’s…well…something you study hard for. There’s a reasson the PRO GOLFER asks the LOWLY CADDIE for advice sometimes, because the caddie’s job isd to understand the cours, the wind, that spot of that hole and know aht club would work best to get to the hole. Not that easy a job.

Holy hell, she’s only 15? I am so going to hell. Well, at least the Olsen twins are 18 now.

Yeah, I was in a bar and she was on TV, and made some comments about her that one should not make about one so young, before someone mentioned her age to me. That was a bit unfomfortable.