Michigan basketball

With respect to the forfeited games, will the opposing coaches be credited with wins? Will the 1998 Big Ten runner-up be named that year’s Big Ten Champion? In light of the forfeits, will all the stats from Michigan’s men’s basketball players in those seasons be nullified, or only those of the players who were culpable?

I don’t know about the stats and such, but as far as the culpability of the players I would hope so.

As a huge Michgan fan, and college sports fan in general, I’ve been generally dissapponted with the NCAA actually going after the people who do the crimes, as opposed to the program. Football coaches recruit illigally then move on, leaving the school to bear the punishment (see Rick Neuheisal at Colorado). I think its wrong to punish kids and coaches for the actions of others.

With repsect to these guys, they should have their degrees revoked (if they earned them), and they should be fined or sued civilly for the harm they caused the school.

Like I said I’m a big UM fan and this saddens me greatly. I’m sure the program will rebound eventually. I just hope that the people who commited the crimes actually bear the punishment.

Never mind the illegal money, when will they be punished for starting the whole “wear shorts 10 sizes too big and too long” trend?

Officially the NCAA will change all those Ws to Ls for each team and each coach. However it’s likely that if you read a U of M media guide, the original record would be printed with an asterisk explaining that the games were forfeited.

Gene Keady, who lost some wins because of forfeits, should pick up a win or two to make up for those.