Michigan Dopers! I'm on my way, Part II!

If’n all you Michiganders remember, I made an attempt to purchase a house in Michigan back in August. I’m too lazy to look up the threads, but suffice to say, we didn’t get that house. I’m now happy to report that once again, we’ve made an offer on a house in Michigan, and preparing The Big Move. This time, we’re buying a duplex from my parents, and I’m guessing they won’t screw us by selling to someone else before closing like the last people we tried to buy a house from. There’s tenents in the house that will have to be gotten rid of; if everying else goes as planned, we should be MiDopers by the Fourth of July. Or is that YooperDopers? YoopDope?

And contrary to what everyone thinks, it’s only snowed TWICE here this May. Who needs spring?

Well, congrats!

My mom is a big time real estate tycoon in Mid-Michigan… I coulda hooked you up with the inside connections.

Welcome to Michigan. As another newbie here (to the state), I am enjoying it so far. And the weather is looking up too :slight_smile: