Michigan Lawmaker goes full-on drunk

Let’ see, drunk driving (.19), driving a car into a ditch, injuring a passenger, resisting arrest, and name-dropping “Gretch”.

Video Shows Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones Drunk Driving Arrest (lawandcrime.com)

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Not even a Kennedy.

My initial thought was that I hope, along the lines of Al Franken, he’d say ‘I fucked up and I’m stepping down’, but considering his lawyer is saying paraphrased ‘accident, there wasn’t an accident, why would you say his car was in the ditch and he certainly wasn’t drinking that day’ tells me he’s going to push back at every turn.
Also, his license plate ‘ELECTED’ suggests he’d not a terribly humble person.

He had a blood draw that proves his BAC. Presumably a dash cam from one of the cops, or the ambulance if they have them, has evidence of his tahoe in the ditch, plus the passenger said he was driving in the ditch. Plus, before this even happened, they were getting calls about him driving on the wrong side of the rode.

I can understand denying the events that took place, but after you’ve sobered up, hired an attorney and have presumably seen/read the evidence against you, it seems like the faster you admit what happened, the faster it’ll be over with and you’ll have the opportunity to save at least a little bit of your integrity.
Honestly, the only thing I can think of that makes even a little bit of logical sense is that he’s trying to drag everything out as long as possible so he can stay on office (at least on paper) until the end of his term.

Also, looks like he had an open container violation a few years ago.

Imagine your first thought of hearing “this dude kneed a child in the groin” being “I need to find some Democrat getting arrested for drunk driving”, instead of “fuck that guy and everyone who supports him”.

Sounds to me like an asshole with a substance abuse problem. Almost certainly his actions should make the party encourage him to step down and withdraw their support once he is convicted.

The presence of a D or an R after his name only matters to those who are so petty they are keeping score. Drunk assholes are drunk assholes regardless of political affiliation. Most adults should be able to make that distinction.

So why did it matter to multiple posters that the asshole teacher who physically attacked a student had an R after his name?

Ahhhh. So this is a “get even” thread.


No, but I do wonder why you don’t hold all posters to the same standards.

Please provide evidence of the assertion that it mattered to people which party the person you’re referring to was. It may have been mentioned, but I don’t think it was ever indicative of someone’s attitude towards their behavior. Did you hope that people would be defending this guy by posting it and you could call us out for hypocrisy? I don’t think anyone here is going to condone drunk driving. There are a lot of state representatives out there, and not all of the people in the party you support are going to be saints, regardless of who you support. You might find, however, that one side will widely denounce the bad behavior of elected representatives from its own ranks, while the other side will continually make excuses. And the latter side seems to think that makes them better people, because they aren’t doing anything wrong seeing how it’s just a political dispute, while the people on the other side of the aisle are definitely doing bad things because everyone agrees they are.

Why did you ignore my suggestion that this should also be in the “Stupid Liberal Tricks” thread in The BBQ Pit-The very first response to your original post?

Yes it is. You even jacked the thread title format. Very, very obviously a get-even thread, whether or not you choose to admit it. Are you just scouring the Internet for stories to Whatabout us with these days?

It’s drunk driving. Please show where someone started a thread about Gene Suellentrop, John Doll, or Matt Gaetz driving drunk. You won’t find it, because most people view things like KICKING A CHILD IN THE BALLS as a little more important. This entire thread is bullshit “bothsidesism” for your mental masturbation.

Drunk driving and physically attacking a child and calling upon others to do the same are equal to you?

Modnote: As this thread seems to not be real but nothing but a gotcha thread, I will be closing it for good. Do not do this again.