Microsoft 2010 grrrrr!!!

the shortcut (right click over a highlighted passage) for cut, paste, copy is more complicated than in Microsoft 2003, which I was forced to give up. Instead of “paste” it gives you “paste options,” which are a bunch of icons I don’t need or understand.

So instead of just pasting something, I’m compelled to pick one of these fucking options, adding a step to the process every time I want to use it. I’m so fucking sick of MS adding idiotic bells and whistles I could care less about. Grrrrr!!! If I could get rid of this "option " I so gladly would.

The shortcut is CTRL-V.

Am amazed how few people use them and resort to right-clicking.

CTRL-C copy
CTRL-X cut

And my personal favorite, CTRL-Z, “undo that boneheaded last move.”

Odd, I actually really like this, especially in Excel, where the default was to paste everything with equations and formatting and I usually only want to paste the values. Having that option as an immediate choice is better than the former Paste Special… window.

The very first icon in the choice list (the one of a clip board in Excel and with a paintbrush and clip board in Word) is the Paste function you are used to, so you don’t really have to learn the other ones if you don’t use them.

Or use keyboard shortcuts as already mentioned!

And I like CTRL-A, “highlight all”. Works well when I want to make the whole damn document 12 point and Times New Roman, or to nix any and all bold, italics, underlining throughout.

Also other common ones:

CTRL-S save
CTRL-SHIFT-S save as (not MS programs)
CTRL-W close file
CTRL-Q quit (some MS programs only)

I teach this to all of my underlings and it increases their productivity greatly.

It’s great holding it down on a file of code, and watching the changes go away like an animation

To remove that do thge following:

At the ribbon at the top of the screen click File
Click Options
Go to Advanced
Inside Cut, Copy,Paste remove the check for Show Paste Options button when content is pasted

In that case, you probably want Ctrl-Y as well, which will redo an undo in pretty much every program that can undo multiple things.

The only exception I’ve seen was Photoshop (at least, the CS2 version.) Ctrl-Z would do the normal undo redo cycle of, say, Notepad, while you had to use Ctrl-Shift-Y and Ctrl-Shift-Z for the other functionality.

F12 in MS programs.

Which ones don’t?

Visual Basic is a sadistic. Ctrl-Z undos, fine. Ctrl-Y deletes the current frigging line, so you end up doing more damage. Redo is some weird combination.

COULDN’T care less about. Right?

I kinda miss Win3.1

Ha. I recently discovered these mini podcasts by David Mitchell. In one of them he rants about the use of “Could care less” in place of “Couldn’t care less”.
If you Could care less then surely that means you care at least a bit, if not a lot. If you don’t care then you couldn’t care less. Because caring less would require there to be an amount of care.

Microsoft 2010? Are you sure it’s not Adobe 8?