Microsoft, Apple choose sides.

I heard on the radio the other day that Microsoft’s Bill Gates is endorsing G.W. Bush for President, and that Apple’s Steve Jobs is endorsing Kerry.

Hm. Microsoft is a leader in business computing, while Apple seems to be associated with artistic endeavours. Different companies, different philosophies.

I think it was Steve Jobs who said that choosing sides is a good thing. If your candidate wins, then your business may benefit. If he loses, then the other guy is not likely to make much of an effort to persecute you. Ah, the Spoils System!

Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Billy lives just a cross the lake from us. Every time George comes to town he heads over to Billy’s, snarling traffic for the rest of the day.
Answer… I drive an Mac G-3 B/W. I’ve used those other things but don’t like 'um. And Steve Jobs is my hero.

I much prefer MacOS X (and Kerry) to Windows (and Bush), but I live in a PC family. I used to solve the problem by using Linux and OS/2, but these days if you own a computer you’re chained to Office. Figured it’d be better in an academic setting, but it really isn’t. Maybe when it’s time to buy a new computer I’ll make it a Mac, but for now I’m just going to deal with Windows.

Interesting tidbit: Rush Limbaugh is a long-time Mac user.

I have both Mac and PC and I am (according to most quickie online political tests I take) a “centrist.” However, I lean a little more towards the right than left, but when it comes to computers, I lean more towards Mac than PC. Go figure.

Another reason to hate Bill Gates.

I heard maybe two months ago or so that the big discount retailers were also choosing sides. Or least their CEOs were. Specifically, Costco’s man lined up behind Kerry, and Wal-Mart’s guy threw in for Bush.

Maybe we really should just go our separate ways: divvy up the country, fifty-fifty, and see which philosophy works better. :slight_smile:

I’m a PC/Windows user since it’s all I’ve ever run across. Macs might be better but I wouldn’t know personally and doubt I ever will since I see no reason to switch systems when the one I use works perfectly well for my needs.

Finding out Gates is a Bush supporter is almost enough reason to consider looking into it though.

[fighter]OpenOffice. Yo.[/fighter]

I’d imagine Bill Gates tends to like GWB’s Justice Department a teensy bit more than he did Bill Clinton’s.