Microsoft emails patch--is this real?

I’ve gotten live updates for Windows ME and for Outlook, but I’ve never gotten these updates as an email. (And some of the updates have been less than welcome, like the one for Outlook that reorgnized my address book by last name instead of by first name.)

Now I have this message, which says it’s from Microsoft and the subject line reads: Use this patch immediately!

Is this for real, or am I being sent a virus? I’ve been quite suspicious of attachments lately, and there is one. (I have not opened the file OR the attachment.)

It’s a virus. Microsoft never emails patches or updates of any kind. Delete any such emails immediately.

Thank you. I thought it sounded phony.

Snopes has an article about a similar bogus email.

Microsoft Policies on Software Distribution

You should be extremely severe in your practices regarding emails with attachments. I throw them all out without opening them with very rare exceptions.

But note, since this is a patch, it is a program, therefore it is the worst possible attachment to open. Don’t have to give it a second thought.