Microsoft Excel Question

I am having a problem passing cell data from one worksheet to another in Microsoft Excel. In Sheet 1 cell A1 I type “Penumbra” and format that cell to wrap text. Then I go to Sheet 2 in cell A1 and pass the value from Sheet 1 by using =(Sheet1!A1). I format the cell in Sheet 2 to wrap text as well. Cell A1 in Sheet 2 also now says “Penumbra”. No problem here. However, when I go back to cell A1 in Sheet 1 and type “Penumbra is a very sexy man” and then go over to Sheet 2 cell A1 just says “Penumbra”. I can double click the colum heading on Sheet 2 and make it expand to show the full text of “Penumbra is a very sexy man” but I don’t want to have to manually do this everytime I need to pass data from sheet to sheet. Is there any way to pass information between sheets without the receiving sheet cutting the data off? Basically, both sheets have to look exactly alike. No matter what I do in Sheet 1, Sheet 2 will automatically always look exactly like it.

Right click the desired cells into which you want to paste the false statement. Select Paste Special. From the Paste Special window, select Column Widths and click OK. Right click the cells again and select Paste.

This works for Excel 2000.

This works fine for one particular instance but if I go back to Sheet 1 cell A1 and just type “Penumbra” then that cell goes back to the default format but cell A1 in Sheet 2 keeps the wraped text row height for when I typed “Penumbra is a very sexy man.” I need the cells Sheet 2 to always look exatly like Sheet 1 no matter what I type.

Instead of selecting Column Widths from the Paste Special window, click the Paste Link button (bottom left).

All that does is =Sheet1!$A$1. Cell A1 in Sheet 2 still does not look like cell A1 Sheet 1 when Sheet 1 is modified. Still having the same problem.

The only thing I can think is Past Special and choose formats. But I kind of doubt that you’re going to be able to keep this type of formating constant. It’s a spreadsheet. Meant for numbers.

Create a picture of cells and link it to the source data

Only the visible information in the cells is included in the picture. If necessary, resize the columns in Microsoft Excel to show all the data you want in the picture. Cell gridlines appear in the picture if they are displayed. To omit gridlines, click Options on the Tools menu, click the View tab, and then clear the Gridlines check box.

1 On the worksheet, select the cells you want to make into a picture.
2 Click Copy .
3 Click the worksheet or other document where you want to paste the picture.
4 To copy the picture to another worksheet, hold down SHIFT and click Paste Picture Link on the Edit menu. The picture is linked by a formula that refers to the copied cells.

To copy the picture to a document created in another Office program, click Paste Special on the Edit menu. In the As box, click Picture, click Paste link, and then click OK.

You can use the Picture toolbar to change the image.

Note The picture is linked to the copied cells by using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). For more information about DDE, see the Microsoft Office 97 Resource Kit. For information about how to obtain the Office Resource Kit, click .

hroeder - I think you are probably right.

keno - What are you talking about?

So you won’t need to edit sheet 2 at all?

The “Picture” function is ok, but takes up a bit of resources and isn’t very flexible since it basically is just a picture.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do, Excel sees the link on Sheet2 as a formula and doesn’t adjust the formatting (in this case row height) as the text string you entered on Sheet1.

My suggestion is to set up all your links on Sheet2. When you are finished changing Sheet1, select the whole page by clicking on the blank square between the row (1,2,3) and column (A,B,C) headers, click on your Format Painter shortcut (looks like a paintbrush) or right click said square, and click on Copy. Move over to Sheet2 and click on cell A1 if using the Paintbrush shortcut or right click on cell A! and choose Paste Special>Formats. This will copy the row heights from Sheet1 to Sheet2 in one step.

Penumbra - your OP indicated you wanted sheet 2 to look exactly the way sheet 1 does. The info I provided lets you create a picture of sheet1 on sheet2 that changes to reflect whatever changes you make on sheet1, including formatting, column widths etc.