Microsoft In RIAA's Pay? (MP3 vs. XP)

In a ZDNN news article (that might be a tad sensationalistic), it is reported that under Windows XP, MP3 encoding depth will be limited.

Seems rather limiting, don’t you think? However, it’s later pointed out that MS’s current recording software doesn’t even record MP3s, so even recording at 56kbps is a step up. Most people will probably end up using some 3rd party software anyway.


Now what really bugs me about this article is this:

In other words, if MS gives you a free recording format that doesn’t do MP3, then eventually every one will switch (a la IE). But why does MS care? They won’t gain any business because of it… the MS encorders are free and the players will be free on XP. Again, why do they care? They don’t publish any CDs (yet?) and as long as they’re not held responsible for any illegal actions that are done on their operating system, MS doesn’t appear to have any direct vested interst in stopping pirated music.

So, is the RIAA funding these efforts?

Note: MS does claim it’s because of the license fee to be able to record MP3s, but from their statements, it seems like an excuse and has more to do with cutting down on pirated music.

The RIAA very well might have kicked in some money to MS. But MS isn’t in it for the RIAA. MS is in it for MS.

You’re very correct to liken it to the bundling of IE with Windows. What I see them trying to do is get the morons (*less than clueful users). The people who have never recorded an MP3 before. When they try to with the built in software, and see that it sounds like crap, AND see that when they try with the other .wma file type that’s included it sounds good and is rather small, they’ll blame the problems on the MP3, rather than on the bad player/recorder.

Microsoft wants to hook people on their own proprietary sound format, so that it becomes just another chain holding you to their OS. MS doesn’t control MP3, but they do control WMA. They therefore want to hook everyone on WMA.

Switch to Ogg Vorbis today.

Those exist?

If so, MS waited WAY too long to do it. MP3s are too firmly entrenched in people’s psyche to be forgotten so easily. Napster has made sure of that, if nothing else.

MS probably does want people to use their crap, but it probably won’t work this time. But who knows? They can afford to be patient.

The XP sounds like its going to be the beginning of the end for Microsofts monopoly. They plan on making every copy of XP only usable on one motherboard. Linux is getting to where an average person might possibly be able to download it and use it. If that ever happens companies will just start bundling with Linux software because of its incompatablity with gaming and as a way to cut corners on cost.

Asmodean, I disagree. From what I’ve read so far (I’m still waiting for my copy of XP Beta 2 to arrive so I can play with it), XP is supposed to be pretty good. If it is, this might justify their anti-piracy efforts.

To the OP: You got to remember that it’s only in beta stages. You can’t expect things to work 100%, can you?

What I think I’m going to dislike about XP is the ‘cutesy’ Luna interface…

You mean, they’ll FINALLY have to stop worrying about the Justice Department hassling them?

God bless America… where they force you to make inferior products in the name of fairness. :smiley:

(Sarcasm, people, sarcasm!)