Microsoft Media Player

      • Someone downloaded the MS Media player onto my computer, and now the old player is gone. I don’t recall if it was MS or not; I never paid attention. All I know is that it had much fewer features (play-pause, stop, ff, reverse) than the MS one, and it worked almost all of the time, which is more than I can say for the MS one. I remember the “MS vs Quicktime” incident; is MS up to their old tricks again? - MC

Type, and download the realplayer G2 for free. You might want to get the RealJukebox also.

Yeah Slythe he could and should do that, but you need MS Media Player for some apps…

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I’m sorry. I thought that he already had the Media Player, and was looking for another type he had before.

The old Media Player should still be on your computer. To get it back, just uninstall the new Media Player.

And yes, Microsoft is up to its old tricks again. A year ago, they got in a lot of trouble with the folks at Real because Microsoft made the Media Player compatable with RealPlayer files.