Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 v. Earlier

My daughter just got MS Office for Mac 2008, which gives you 3 licenses for different computers. My computer at home has the 2004 version. Is it worth it to use the new 2008 disk to upgrade from 2004?

If you have an Intel Mac (if you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro, or an iMac made since 2006) it would be worth it for the speed advantages. Office 2008 is a Universal application, which means it’s made to run natively on the Intel processor.

However, in terms of legality, I believe the license specifies that it can be used on multiple computers in the same household. So if your daughter doesn’t live with you, it might not be legal to install on your computer. That’s the super-careful-legal perspective, anyway. I can’t tell you to take your chances, but…

No Visual Basic for Applications in the 2008 version. Major bummer. I used it anyway, and fire up Parallels for times when I need scripting.

I got it, reluctantly, to read the docx file format. Translators are available, but I wanted the read routine builtin. Fortunately, fewer people than ever are saving as docx, so it hasn’t been as bad as I feared.

Related question: does it have Microsoft’s new “ribbon” interface?

I’ve been using Microsoft Word since before 1.0 released on the Mac, and I know it like the back of my hand. Then my wife got a new Vista machine last year with Microsoft Office on it, and I couldn’t figure out how to do anything. It took me over an hour to do something I could have done in five minutes on the old version.

I’d like to have the latest version, but I don’t want to have to re-learn Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

No. It’s got a standard, tried-and-true interface.


I really don’t understand why a company would take a product that leads in marketshare by a huge margin and completely redesign an interface that tens of millions of people are already comfortable with.

No, it does not. Thanks to several adamant MacBU devs, including me. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Other new to 2008 stuff not already mentioned that I like personally - bear in mind there’s more stuff, but I’m no Marketer: [ul]
[li] Open XML[/li][li] Elements Gallery and SmartArt (this is the newer graphics layer from the newer WinOfice version, which is far superior to the previous graphics layer)[/li][li] Save as PDF (directly from the Office App, better formatting than the OS)[/li][li] XL: 100,000+ rows and 1600 columns (2004 had a limitation here)[/li][li] PPT: Send to iPhoto, which lets you transfer your SlideShow into JPEG or PNG files that synch to iPhoto and then can be synched to an iPod / iPhone / iTouch[/li][li] ERage: waaaaay better Exchange Server support[/li][li] Word: Publishing Layout view, which works better than any possible port of Publisher to the Mac possibly could.[/li][/ul]

If you decide to upgrade, make sure you use the uninstall application to get rid of 2004 before you install 2008.

Huh? You can run them both simultaneously with no problems if you wanted to. You wouldn’t necessarily need the older version, but I’m unclear why you would say to “make sure” you uninstalled the older version.

I had huge problems when I failed to uninstall one version before installing the next, but this was long ago, in an OS far away – Tiger, I think.

I bow to your (vastly) superior knowledge.

My knowledge is no better than half-vast. :smiley:

Ah. I think I know what happened to you. Didn’t uninstall Office2001 before installing OfficeX, methinks. Bad things happened back then. [sub]Wasn’t me, didn’t do it, I was out of town, there were locusts[/sub]

I’ve been using NeoOffice for years. Open Source office suite for Mac. Couldn’t be happier with it.

You folks need to advertise that better. After seeing what happened in the 2007 editions on the PC side, I never even looked at 2008 for the Mac.

Seriously, I’d put it in the name: Office 2008 for Mac: Premier Ribbonless Edition.

And if it’s Universal Binary, it should now move faster than plate tectonics. :slight_smile:

So… consider me eternally grateful that you folks put your feet down. I’ll be ordering copies for the office tomorrow.

One thing to know before you get Office 2008: it does not play well with Spaces. Everyone I know who uses Word 2008 on Leopard (admittedly a small sample size: four people) has trouble with it. If you’re a Spaces junkie, prepare to be disappointed.

Fixed in Service Pack 2, version 12.2.0, released in June. But you may as well get the 12.2.3 patch from November, which has some minor performance tweaks along with the Spaces fix.

I actually worked for quite a while with NeoOffice, but gave up on it about four years ago because I was exchanging a lot of manuscripts with my editors and publishers, and there were compatibility issues with automatic table of context generation, automatic index generation, tables, background images, annotations, change logging, and a lot of the other advanced features.