Microsoft Scandal!!

There’s never any gossip around here, so we’re eating this up.

Microsoft manager accused of $9 million fraud scheme

Here’s his Website:

Embezzling products? Not smart.
Selling in parking lot of major shopping center NEXT TO REDMOND CAMPUS? Really not smart.
Web site of ridiculously expensive spoils? Really, REALLY not smart.

Publicly-writable Guest Book link on web site? PRICELESS.


Yep, that’s the kind of work-study program I want my kids to be involved in… :rolleyes:

I see they’re not charging him with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the ratbastard.

At least there’s this:

That’s some consolation, at least, that some high school kid isn’t going to have this following him around the rest of his life.

Damn, it looks like his site is getting so much traffic that the guestbook and other areas are failing.

I love that “THE GIRL” link is… not a link. Guess he’s holding space against hope, there.

Any surprise he exaggerated this?

Did anybody catch that he declared independence (from the U.S., I guess) and declared his property “deep in Bigfoot country” to be Bavarian soil?

Cute pets, though. Anybody who loves animals can’t be all bad. It seems inconsistent with the rest of this dude’s personality that the pets are scrappy strays, not valuable purebreds.

WOW. Cars. Bikes. Beautiful house. Boat. Two silly benji-dogs and a kitty-cat. A website where you show off all of the stuff you own. shakes head

Not that this has anything to do with the OP, or really anything else, but Hitler was known to be kind to animals.

Beadlin, we especially love that the “THE GIRL” link is no link. I’m also trying to decide whether posts from his email address are really from him, or someone spoofing him. If they’re from him, I see he’s learned his lesson:


I’m so amazed that he thought he could continue to send tons of copies of software from the IPO utility to his own address. This is used by the PSS folks to send a new bundle of diskettes if the customer says his are damaged. You simply cannot abuse it that way and expect to not get caught. At some point, when that system was audited, they surely would have found out that the same internal employee was ordering and shipping thousands of copies of completely different products to the same address…his address. Very clever, Mr. Bond.

Shit. I’ll keep that in mind in future, thanks.

I don’t like the Microsoft guy in question, but I was willing to posit that he wasn’t “all bad”. I’m not willing to go in that direction with Hitler. My criteria now need severe revising.

His attitude, his chutzpah, his broken English–this putz is giving Eurotrash a bad name.

Well, Microsoft certainly did not hire him for his web developer abilities …

Funny, but his web site really reminded me of the Asian Prince web site. Lots of talk about his cars, bikes, boat, etc… Maybe he can have Asian Prince introduce him to some girls :smiley: