Microsoft should reboot itself

I will have to check that out, sounds very useful.

The job I’m at now is a foot-in-the-door kind of position (my first job in IT), and also a very generalist one, so yesterday, I’m installing Sql Server on a machine, today, I’m running Spybot and Adaware on an employee’s machine and writing ASP.NET repeater and databinding code. And maybe tommorrow I’ll be modifying the SMTP setting of a multi-function printer/scanner/fax/copier unit, every day is different, but on the down side its hard to focus a lot on one area. (Notes are crucial).

I suppose this shouldn’t have gone in the pit, but at the time, I just came to the realization that Windows is built in such a way that restarting is neccesary all the time and that’s something that is regrettable imho.

As far as Linux and such, I’m not sure my boss, who is the senior IT guy here and the networking and big picture guy, would approve of that. Even Vista makes him a bit nervous. He’s very conservative when it comes to doing new things.

On the other hand, I do want to get a Linux install set up at home sometime. There are some nifty aspects of that. I used Linux a bit during college, and also on my Mac, but most of it is unknown to me.