Microsoft Windows: belongs to a person or a computer?

I have a laptop and a desktop computer. I
have intend to rely a little more on my desktop computer in the future. However, it does not have Windows XP while my laptop does. I was told that Windows is registered to a person and not a computer. If that’s the case, am I able to get a copy of XP at no-cost since I already technically bought it? I just looked and I can not seem to find a copy of the XP CD

Absolutely not. Worse, you probably have an OEM license for your laptop, which means its not transferable from computer to computer, even if you stopped using on your laptop.

Plus with XP, there are activation issues. Even if you installed your desktop’s XP on your laptop, Microsoft wouln’t activate it. In theory.

I’ll try to dig up my copy of Windows XP EULA.

Generally it’s one license per computer. Unless you have a volume license agreement, which you most likely don’t, you can’t legally install xp on more then one computer without more licenses. If, you don’t have an OEM disk you could transfer the license. You’ll have to call microsoft up. xp’s activation is based on a 6/10th I believe the fraction is rule. You can change 6/10 of the hardware and activation will go through, any more then that and you have to call Microsoft up to activate.

There’s antiwpa cracks but those are illegal.

Probably an OEM licence which is as I understand it only legally for that machine. A retail copy of XP is licenced to you can be moved from machine to machine freely as long its not in use on more than one machine at a time…

Microsoft Windows XP Pro EULA.