Microsoft Word 2007 needs to remove ability to Custom XML - whaa?

Some please explain this article to me

Ok I understand patents and software being as complex as it is many patents I am sure overlap which is why I hear about this every now and them but XML? Notepad can open XML and is made by Microsoft. I guess my question is I do not understand the patent infringement.

As far as I can make out, it’s not about reading/writing XML per se, it’s about the ability to include custom XML “extensions” in the standard docx format.

Again, AFAICT, this is such an obvious and trivial feature that it should never have been patentable. That is actually a problem with many software patents, the second problem being that once you can patent software ideas there’s practically no way to create any alternative implementation that doesn’t infringe the patent.

Its not just XML writing/reading, but some kind of linking to external XML files or some such. Welcome to America’s broken patent system.