Microsoft Word and strange unwanted horizontal lines

I’ve taken a temp job in an office and I’m retying some old forms that are xeroxes of xeroxes (and faded and slanted on the page etc). All is zipping along merrily and then I hit a hard return to start a new line and MS Word inserts a dark horizontal line.

  • I do a test print and yes, the unwanted dark line does print.

  • I insert the cursor just prior to the dark line and hit the return key a few times. The dark line amenably goes downscreen. But when I go back up to the new blank space and try to type, it sometimes adds yet another dark line. Sometimes it doesn’t.

  • I try to select the dark line so as to delete it. No dice. It doesn’t select.

WTF is it, and how can I make it not happen?

Screen shot.

One black line appears below “what times are you available to work” and a second one above “describe your computer experience”

Here is an article that discusses various lines and what causes them and how to remove them.

Looks like border lines? Like a border below or above a line of text? See also maybe this link?

It was indeed border lines. And I was able to get rid of them using the instructions on that page.