Microsoft Word Questions

I’ve got a folder on my desktop. In it are several subfolders.

In each of the subfolders are roughly 70 documents. Each document is a single page typed MS Word document, with no jpegs, flash etc. Just a single page.

I want to copy the main folder----and it’s subfolders—so I can email it to another computer of mine so both folders can reside on each computer.

Or…I can copy a single subfolder (with the 70 documents inside) and send each subfolder independently.

How do I go about doing this?

I saw I can attach each document separately and send them in an email, but given the numbers it looks really tedious. Is there a more [time] efficient way to copy/send these folders?

Zip them into an archive?

Capy has it right. Using one of the freeware or shareware programs to produce a ,ZIP archive will preserve the folder hierarchy structure for you. Though you will also get some compression, the general predominant use for zipping material-to-be-sent, in this case it is a secondary benefit to your main purpose of preserving subfolder structure through the transfer process. I know of PKZIP (which I haven’t seen for years), WinZip, and WinRar as programs that will produce a ZIP archive for you and with are either available freeware or are shareware allowing an initial trial period, pay if you wish to continue using it. There may be other such programs others may prefer and will recommend.

Another vote for zipping them. Another alternative is to get a flash drive – they’re cheap and handy. Copy all the folders to the flash drive and then to the other computer.


I’ll download the software to zip the files.

Is it fairly easy to use/understand?

excellent free zip/unzip software is 7zip, see here . It also walks dogs and handles other formats that you will never deal with as well :slight_smile:

Windows has zip handling built-in: right-click on the folder and select Send To, Compressed (zipped) Folder.

Check out Microsoft Live Mesh. It’ll allow you to actually mirror a folder and subfolders on another PC. In other words, any change you make to the files on one PC will automatically be synced to the other. You can also access the folders online through a web page.

Thanks all. I used the Windows option and it went off without a hitch.

I really appreciate it. It saved me hours and hours.

But how is it at producing pseudo-gravitational fields? And do they insist on getting a Ming dynasty porcelain bowl as payment? :stuck_out_tongue: also has an excellent solution for sharing folders between computers. The free 2 GB account is more than enough for most purposes.