Microsoft Word search and replace formatting _italics_ question

I’ve got an old, OLD document that I want to update.

The problem is that it’s using that old formatting thing where it has this kind of formatting: italics or bold

If there’s an easy way to turn italics into italics. I can’t figure it out. The best solution I can find gets me something like italics (there’s only a few cases of bold so I don’t care too much about that). I know I can then delete the _ manually but I’d prefer to avoid that since there’s a ton of legit underscores.

Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance

In the Find and Replace dialog:

  • check the box for Use Wildcards.
  • search for the string (*).
  • in the Replace With field, enter \1.
  • in the Format menu, choose Font and select Italic.

The * represents any number of characters in a wildcard search. Putting it in parentheses is kind of like identifying it as a “variable” to Word. The \1 syntax in the Replace box means to replace the string with the first “variable” from the Find text.

Thank you! I’d figured out the first step (about wildcards and the _ symbol) but couldn’t get further. And I’d have never figured out the \1 part.

You just saved me hours of tedious work. I appreciate the help! :slight_smile: