MicrosoftSecurity Essential Users: Ever Get This Message?

Something like: “You haven’t done a virus scan in some time…etc.”?

I have my settings at every day at 2 am and I 'm on automatic update.

I don’t want my machine unprotected, so what can I do?



Are you sure the warning came from MSE? I’ve gotten that message a few times on a particular laptop, but it’s because that laptop is used at work and I often turn off its wifi (the laptop is dedicated to programming certain pieces of equipment and doesn’t need regular internet access).

If you click on the MSE icon in the system tray, what does it say after “last scan” in the “scan details” section at the bottom? (you may need to click on the “home” tab if it doesn’t automatically come up to it)

If the last scan wasn’t last night at 2 am then something may be preventing it from scanning which may warrant further investigation.

Is your machine on at 2 am?

:smack: Hmmmm. It’s in “sleep” mode. Now I feel really stupid. I thought in sleep, the computer could still update itself?


Also, my wife and my machines are wirelessly (?) networked, and she uses Viper as her protection. Could that be a factor?

Anyway, I’ll pay a little closer attention and report back.

Thanks, y’all


You have a wirelessly networked wife? :eek:


Well, yeah, Chickenwrangler. It’s a “Stepford Wives” upgrade. :slight_smile:

I just think of her as an app, and it makes life so much more pleasant! :slight_smile:

I laughed my ass off when I just now reread my post!!!



Just an anecdotal update…

We’ve installed Microsoft Security Essentials on several PCs running Windows XP and Windows 7 and I’ve never seen that message.

Hope you’re running malware checks often… :slight_smile:

Google the exact phrasing of the error message. That’s likely to tell you whether it’s a genuine MSE message or not.

Here is some possibly-pertinant info from Microsoft.

From about 15 years ago: Problems with Microsoft Girlfriend version 1.0 and forced upgrade to Wife 1.0*.

  • wife 1.0 is described as “a huge resource hog” and “crowds out all his games & recreational software”. Also automatically links to MS Money, and depletes the account. Usually comes bundled with MS mother-in-law, which many describe as malware.