Microwave dish antenna on bridges

On the pier of a bridge in the Arkansas river there are microwave dishes. Aimed straight out over the water. They are near railroad bridges that may be raised for traffic to pass beneath them. Do these antennas link the bridges to where ever the signal originates to raise the other bridges?

What is the location of the bridge so we can locate it from Google Earth. If they are pointing in opposite directions then they may be relays unrelated to the bridge.

34 45’ 07.18 N 92 16’ 28.90 W

You can see one just about the large black collision barrier.

If I tell you, I have to…

Obviously not a collision barrier, but some docking device for alien spacecraft.

Mangeorge, reporting from The Spirit Prison:
Now you’ve done it! See ya.
Oh, yeah. I haven’t seen your dish, but I seem to remember that the railroads do use microwave for communcation. In fact, I’m sure of it.

Here’s something.

BTW, at 34 45’ 10.62 N 92 16’ 22.23 W you can see the US Navy submarine preparing to attack the alien spacecraft.