Midgets, etc.

What is the politically correct term for midgets and
dwarves? (or are their two different terms) Also, do these two groups generally associate or is their any inner prejudice? Any help would be appreciated.

I believe the preferred term is “little people.” I couldn’t tell you about their internal politics, though.

Let’s define the terms a bit here. I speak from experience as Mrs X is technically a “dwarf”. A midget is a person that is significantly smaller than the norm with properly proportioned body parts. A dwarf, on the other hand, has one or more physical defects such as shorter arms/legs or broader shoulders. Mrs X is 4’9" and one leg is significantly shorter than the other. She also has some problems with her spine that don’t bother her.

As for the “politically correct” term, who gives a damn? I prefer to think of them simply as people and don’t bother with the rest of that crap…

Thanks for the clarification…appreciated. Who exactly is Mrs X, though?

See my name? It’s Xploder. Therefore, Mrs X would be my wife :smiley:

Gotta be the easiest question I’ve ever answered :smiley:

No problem though and welcome to the boards!

Here’s a link to Little People of America, which will give you a lot more info.

The politically correct term these days seems to be either “little people” or “people of short stature.”

I recall using the term “Pygmy” once in an article I wrote, in reference to those short guys who live in West Africa, and a reviewer objected, saying they should be called “short-statured hunter-gatherers.” :rolleyes:

And from that site, although “dwarf” seems to be OK, “midget” is not:

Whoa…that site is pretty incredible. Much thanks.