Midnight Oil: Tallest Rock Band?

The SNL rerun shown on Saturday had Midnight Oil as the musical guest, raising two thoughts.

First, is Midnight Oil the tallest rock band ever? Lead singer Peter Garrett is listed as 6’4" but the rest of the band seemed to be within a couple inches of his height.

Second, is Peter Garrett the worst dancer in the history of rock? He kept flailing around and not a single move could be classified as graceful or even purposeful. He moved like he was stepping on a hot wire, while his arms apparently were a flesh suit for startled bees.

Really good song, though.

Here is a list of tall musicians. Garrett is number 19 at 6’4".

Garrett’s dancing is certainly…unique.

I suspect it’s deliberate. Maybe not at first, but certainly now, 30+ years on.

I haven’t seen Peter Garrett but it’s hard to believe he’s worse than Joe Cocker.

They were a very political band, and this video was filmed at the Exxon Headquarters shortly after the Exxon Valdez disaster.

Joey Ramone (6’6”) was no slouch in the height department…just in the posture department.

Garrett was even the environmental mp (or is it pm?) in aus for a while …

and watching him attempt to dance is part of the fun in seeing them live/on tv … once the music starts he can’t stand still … although it’s been said he can’t stand still for long for anything

Australians are all over 6’ tall!!

Yes, completely true. Even when we are 5’8" on the outside.

I’ve followed Midnight Oil since they were a local band, and Peter Garrett’s dancing is, as we say in Australia, nice, different, unusual. And they are all tall enough. Despite the composed pic I think Garrett has a few inches on the rest of them.

For reference Peter Garrett busting his moves at Wanda Beach in 1985.

Garrett left the leadership of the independent (and usually critical of Govt policy) Australian Conservation Foundation to become a Labor Party member of Parliament, and soon enough Environment Minister. He copped lot of criticism for betraying the green movement, but maybe wanted to get to a place where he could effect change rather than whinging about it.

The Oils at Maroubra Seals in the early 80s … memories.

He certainly affected change, first decision as Environment Minister was to approve the Tamar Valley wood pulp mill replete with a dodgy EIS. And followed up that with dredging Port Phillip Bay, and ended it with the insulation batts scandal.

Should have stuck to whinging about it.

Mat Osman, bassist for Suede and brother of famously tall Richard Osman, clocks in at 1.96 m or just over 6’5".

I was thinking that possibly 30 Odd Foot of Grunts might have given them a run for their money … but there are 6 of them so the TOFOG are runts.

I always thought he was maybe incorporating aboriginal inspired moves. Or something. It should be unsettling but I kind of like it :slight_smile:

The list of short musicians from the same site is significantly more impressive, at least from a musical perspective.

Fuck, Garrett’s massively tall, but the rest of the band are average to titchy. I don’t think Rob Hirst (drummer) is that tall.

Source: watched all of the Oils’ videos, seen them in concert

I think it was “Trugamini” from Earth and Sun and Moon.

If you thought that was good, check out the Garrett dancing compilation…

Trivia fact: Garrett had hair; he was a surf bum-cum-law student and cut it because it was easier to surf and sing bald. Here’s a picture of him with flowing locks.

The article also details how his mum died in a house fire. Very sad. :frowning:

Awww, they’re just cute little short guys

A possibly taller if completely unknown band was 800 lbs. of West Country Rock. Average height 6’3"

The guy from Type O Negative, Pete Steel was the one I was struggling to remember but I had to check the link above. 6’8”.

Who’s the tallest female musician? Isn’t the woman from Nashville Pussy pretty tall?

Had a little time to look it up, Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy is 6’ 3”.