MIGHT Magazine appreciation thread!

Might is and will probably always be my favorite magazine. For those of you who never came across it, this was one of the greats. Published in the mid 90’s in San Francisco, Might was funny, irreverent, goofy, and totally great. There was an entire issue dedicated to all things cheesy, “For the love of cheese,” including a cheese timeline.

Then there was the lovely memorial to Adam Rich at the time of his death. (OK, Adam wasn’t dead, but it was a great memorial anyway.)

It was a beautiful rag with fantastic art direction and hilarious writing. I don’t even hate them for going under and keeping my subscription money.

But it wasn’t only humour. It was also great essays, and articles that were actually interesting. Here’s a reprint of an article on the book The Road to Hell: The Ravaging Effects of Foreign Aid and International Charity (The Free Press, 1997)

I even have a Might t-shirt that I cherish. It will never become a dust rag.

Oh Might, how I miss thee.

I found one of the covers for your perusal: here.

Never saw the magazine, alas. When I read the Eggers book I realized I had missed a gem. However, I have been told by others that there is a collection of articles from Might available in finer bookstores everywhere. Must hunt it out.

Heh, no wonder it went under. No one read it! Seriously, am I the only Doper who remembers this magazine?

Biotop, I think there are a couple of collections. One is Shiny Adidas Tracksuits and the Death of Camp: And Other Essays and the other is For the Love of Cheese.

I don’t know if they’re still in print, but it looks like you can get them used through Amazon.