Might this be the shortest-lived Doper ever?


30 minutes.

I don’t know - the link doesn’t work.

Nah. We get some in 1-2 minutes. We sometimes catch them before they can post, just because we find their name suspicious and check.

Hell, now that Marley’s on the job :eek:

I’ve seen him ban guys that were just sitting at home in India/Russia who were just thinking about signing up on the SDMB. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seemed like the TOOT sock was pretty short lived.

[note]The preceeding post contained a clever anagram designed to avoid acrimony.[/note]

People who sign up with user names like BuyV1agra have life of a couple of minutes usually.

You people may think he’s kidding, but he’s only exaggerating a bit. :wink: I’ve definitely nailed some spammers in two minutes or less. They’re not hard to identify, and it’s fun to take them out.

Seven minutes, tops.

This is good to hear. I am on some message lists where it takes days for someone to get bounced.

what the …??


Yeah, people like that are just begging to be banned as soon as someone sees them. It almost seems unsporting.

Do you guys have a captcha registration thingie? I thought that was supposed to keep the spambots out. Then again perhaps the lowlifes have a captcha decoder program or something…

We do, and as far as I know, it does. But we get spammed by carbon-based lifeforms too.

Obviously what’s needed is a new CAPTCHA technique that selects for higher vertebrates and weeds out things like slime mold and spammers. Why not a CAPTCHA image of a simple problem like 2+2, and make the user type the answer. Humans and some birds would have no problem solving it, but trolls and spammers would at least have to ask someone for help.

Damn! By posting this here first I just lost the ability to patent my idea, didn’t I?

Maybe it can screen out any registrant who performs mitosis or asexual reproduction or something.

Hey! What I do at my computer besides surf the Dope is none of your bussiness!

If’n I was a mitosiser, I shore wouldn’t be broadcasting that around… :stuck_out_tongue:

Modding sounds like fun.

Easily the dumbest thing I ever volunteered for. It’s sucked up hours of my day, every day. Time I used to spend actually reading and enjoying the SDMB.

This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t do it all again. I would.