Mii sharing

Posting from my Wii and begging y’all to add me: 3527 0289 0185 8083. I’ve registered all of you.

I finally got mine online, so here’s my number: 1556 4721 3668 7212
I’ll get to work on adding the rest of you. Only 100 spots; such a shame…

I have a tendency to make tons of miis, so anyone who adds me is likely to get Bert & Ernie, Laurel & Hardy, Adam & Jamie, and many many more.

Anyone been messing around in the Check Mii Out channel? I’ve entered a few of them, but still can’t tell if you’re allowed to vote for your own entry. I’ve never seen mine pop up, but there are so many entries, I could just be up against the odds of ever seeing them.

I’ve added you two recent entries.

I grabbed some Miis from the Check Mii Out channel and voted on a few, but that’s about it. I look forward to seeing some of yours, though, such as Adam and Jamie.

Adding mine…
3555 6258 6787 4027

If you don’t want to wait around for them to show up in your parade, I can go dig up their numbers so you can import them from the Check Mii Out channel. And I’m thoroughly enjoying the juxtaposition of your Buddy Jesus and Michael Vick in my parade so far :smiley:

Finally got around to adding you, Shoeless.

Haven’t gotten around to looking at the new Miis, though. Actually, I’ve been spending a lot of time on my Xbox recently waiting for another great Wii game. Too bad I can’t use the Wiimote on it (maybe soon).

:Di just finished adding Yookeroo, The Tof, duality72, Jakeline, Spatial Rift 42, and DeadlyAccurate im going to add more later hope to see some cool Miis

Welcome to the board! Unfortunately, this thread’s pretty old, so I’m not sure if the others are still around to input your Wii #, in which case no new Miis will show up. Just a heads-up =)

Thanks you for making me feel welcome and thanks for the heads up i just look at their post date yeah this is pretty old. Do you know another site they might of went to

Looks like a bunch of them are still here, but may not see this thread. Forgot to mention that you’ll need to put down your Wii Friend Code too, as Miis won’t be swapped until both parties enter them. Now I should go dig up that Friend Code…

oh ok… yeah you go dig up that code…and I already put mines up there but ill do it again in case someone missed it…its 3581 1286 1303 0538


Did you find your code yet itll be fun to swap letters and miis