Mii sharing

Okay, the last thread I could find on this died about 7 months ago and, with the holiday season coming up, I hope it’s time to start this up again. My wife recently got a Wii for her birthday, so we’re playing catch up.

Here’s our Wii console number: 8842 0018 4052 5158

I’ve already input all of the numbers from the old thread to our Wii, but I guess the other end has to input your number to start sharing? I hope you old-schoolers are still paying attention! Also looking for new people to share with, so I hope there are others like us that recently got into the Wii thing.

One other thing: I’ve seen some pretty wild Miis out on the web. How do you create those beyond what’s available through the Mii editor on the Wii?

I think this one’s mine: 2280 9536 6260 7141

My Wii email address is w2280953662607141@wii.com

Ok I’ve had a wii for a while. How do I share mii’s and or find my console number?

From the main screen, click the little mail icon in the bottom right corner, then click the compose button in the bottom left (looks like a piece of paper with a pen), then click on the address book. Your Wii # is on the front page,

As for sharing Miis, just go to the Mii channel and check out the options and set “mingling” to yes.

Thank you. I already have my mii’s set to mingling but I don’t really know what that means. Do my mii’s just up and leave so one day I’ll go to play and my guy won’t be there? Could someone else mii show up on my system and start talking to my mii? Do I have to worry about mii hanging with the wrong crowd?

Yes and No, yes, haha no.

Okay, that was confusing, let me try again. In short, clones of your Mii will travel to your friend’s consoles, where they’ll take up residence on their Wii. In short, your own Mii will always stay on your Wii – no worries about him taking off.

As for other Miis, yes, they will show up on your system at random, and may even appear in the games you play (like Wii Sports, Wii Play, etc).

And don’t worry, your Mii’s not really affected by who he hangs with :slight_smile:

A new channel has been recently added called Check Mii Out which allows you to put your Miis online and see and adopt other Miis. Some of them are quite creative.

Mine: 4573 4861 7435 1345

They all said I was crazy- but this is the exact reason I put my Wii # into my cell phone address book.

7378 3371 1566 8434

Oooh, I’ve been hoping for one of these.

Mine is: 8828 6645 9140 0760

One more try for the work week crowd.

Count me in! Our Wii number is 3412 4504 4876 2842.

1805 3078 1145 8911

Now I begin the process of adding all of yours. :slight_smile:

Damnit, I’m at work. Don’t have my Mii number here. I’ll get it tonight and add it to the thread tomorrow.

My number has changed since the thread linked in the OP…

5566 3523 8851 5471

I’ve added everyone so far, but looks like I’m only “connected” with two of the wiis entered so far. I did finally have a Mii wander into my Mii parade. Whoever has the Jules Mii, nice one. I also grabbed some other Miis from the Check Mii Out channel. It was funny to see Spock at the bowling alley.

So, anyone have any info on the second part of my OP, making specialized Miis?

Thanks! He’s mine, unless there are two of them wandering around.

My WAG is that they’re being created with some kind of Flash application.

I’ve added everyone’s from this thread now!

Bumping to add mine: 8694 4375 0173 0781

Thanks, Drain. I’ve added you now. In all, I’ve got something like 30 Miis on my console. Quite interesting to field a baseball team with Einstein, Terrence (from South Park), and Benjamin Franklin. Also really helps the Find Mii game in Wii Play when it uses the distinctive Miis.