Sharing my Mii!

I know there was a thread around here where people were sharing Wii address info so their Miis could mingle, but I can’t search on “wii” or “mii”, and nothing else I can think of brings it up.

I’m desperate to get a Mii parade going. Can anyone hook me up?

I tried to start a thread like this but no one responded.

My Wii number is 1128025828527928 in case you want to mingle.

My Wii Number is:
8624 5315 2146 3165

Oh, and I added you Amp if that’s cool.

Sure, go ahead and add me. I tried registering your Wii but the system kept telling me the number you provided is incorrect. Can you recheck your Wii number?

And anyone else reading this thread who happens to have a Wii come on and join on in.

^ Thanks, I fucked up. The actual # is:
8624 5135 2146 3165**

I’ll grab and post my code when I get home tonight. I think having a few Doper Mii’s in my parade would be a great addition to our existing group including Michael Jackson, Jesus, and Brian Peppers.

Wait, I lied! I have my Mii code: 5924-0917-9087-2550

OK, I’ve got both Red Barchetta and malkavia registered. Do we need to send an intial e-mail or something to get our Miis mingling?

How would you make a Brian Peppers Mii? He doesn’t seem that conducive to generic heads…

He ended up way cuter in Wiiville than he is IRL, of course.

I’ve got Red Barchetta’s Mii walking around my Wii. He looks a bit like Jesus.

I’ve sent requests to Amp and Red as of last night so if you get a strange Mii request, It may be me, Ray.

Mine’s 3208-3206-1885-2178 , but I probably won’t be online with my Wii for another week or two.

Now if I could only grow some facial hair, I’d be in business…

Heh, forgot all about this thread.

I’m at 4705-8846-8179-3387. I’ve added you all, am waiting for the parade to begin!

And here be mine…I think…

7764 6787 8553 9977

Okay, I’ve added everyone who’s posted so far to my Wii. Mii ahoy!

I’ve got a Mii, but I only did it on my little sister’s Wii (I don’t have one and she lives 600+ miles away), so I can’t share. Any way people could link to pictures of their Miis so we could all enjoy?

I’m not exactly sure how you’d go about screen capping one’s Wii, but if someone knows an easy way, I’d be glad to show off my little guy…er…my Mii, that is.

Is that Dr. Zoidberg on Brian’s right?