Sharing my Mii!

So I’ve got one of Amp’s wandering around my Wii now (hmm that sounds like a euphemism for something, doesn’t it?), and then someone called “Julius.” Anyone know why one Mii freely identifies himself as belonging to amp, and the other one is incognito?

That’s right Athena, all your Mii’s are belong to ummm… me?

So, who created Pie? I’ve got a Mii walking around by the name of Pie. When come back pick up your Pie.

That would be me :smiley:

He really belongs to Mr. Athena, but in the interests of privacy I renamed him.

My Wii code is 3960 3720 7666 2465 – can’t wait to see some Miis in my Mii Plaza…

So far my total for the Mii Parade is up to seven. My newest additions are someone’s Grandad and two little tykes by the name of Nicky and Edith (I’m assuming they’re siblings).

Edith is my dog’s Mii. Yeah, my dog needs a Mii. Dunno who Nikki is, not mine.

Anyone else think the Mii Plaza song is some sort of drug? Soothing, yet upbeat. Strangely addictive. A little bit into the second bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve Mr. Athena and I were imitating the Miis, just wandering around to that oh-so-funky Mii soundtrack…

Oh, I forgot. I have “Big J”, aka Jesus, and “Gram” wandering around my Mii Plaza at the moment.

Oh my, I"ve had Big J walking around my Mii for awhile now but just tonight Bill Z Bub decided to stop by for a visit. I’m going to need a young priest and an old priest. BTW, whoever did Bill, nice work on the horns.

So is it simply enough for someone to add your Wii’s code? Or do you have to add them to your address book as well before the Miis start mingling?

You both have to have each other registered. I have you registered on my sustem but you show up grayed out in my address book. I am assuming it is because you have not registered me on your system.

As soon as I take the time to hook up my Nintendo WiFi to my PC, I’ll join you folks…

I’ve got a Samuel L Jackson Mii that’s just itching to roam free. I’ll be back later to post my Wii code.

Okay, I’ll go and add you tonight… it’s Mii parade time!

Ah, glad I checked back in on the thread. Bill Z Bub is one of mine. So is Julius, if he looks a little like Groucho Marx, that is.

Now I’m off to go look for new additions to the parade!

I’ve added Amp, Red Barchetta, malkavia, Athena, and Max Carnage so far. Wish there was some sort of auto-notification option with the Wii message board, though. A “so-and-so has registered your Wii” would suffice.

As Amp mentioned, I think non-reciprocal registrations show up as grayed out in the address book.

Yeah, I know, but I just think a notification feature would be welcome. As it is now, if I add a bunch of folks to my address book and they don’t know about it, it’s useless. An option to display a message like “So-and-so has registered you on their Wii; would you like to add them to your address book?” would be convenient.

OK, just checked and found a few more additions. I got a Robert and Miyamoto in my plaza. I also got a few more in my parade. To whom does Sarah belong to? She’s hot. Is she available?

Mine is 4567 3687 6523 4823

I added Red Barchetta, Max Carnage, and malkavia.

Slacker - 8886 1981 2772 6442

I’ll add everyone tonight. :smiley: