Mike Jordan's song?

In the column on the origin of playing card suits, the question writer says she knows what hearts and diamonds mean “from Mike Jordan’s song.”

Who’s this Mike Jordan? Googling Mike Jordan, of course, shows tons of links relating to the basketball player, and googling Mike Jordan hearts diamonds gives as the top hit Cecil’s column, followed by links about the basketball player.

Who’s this singer that’s been made persona non-grata by MJ?

I can’t figure it out either. The only thing I can offer by way of help is that this column is from March 1979, so it must be a song that was fairly recent or well known at that time but which has faded into obscurity. I’m hoping I can check some Billboard singles charts.

It looks like Mike was a local Chicago folksinger. Hope this helps.

Could we ask someone who might know? Like some all-knowing father (or perhaps Uncle) figure who might have a syndicated newspaper column and a website?


I was reading that column too, and after some searching I found this obituary for the singer Mike Jordan:

I’m still looking for the song in question, but it’s a start.

Uncle Cecil often has amnesia about columns that were written before Little Ed became the editor.