Mike Rowe - robbing banks is a very Dirty Job

There is quite a resemblance. But of course its safe to say this is one Dirty Job Mike hasn’t done. :smiley:

Mike looks different in that recent photo of him pointing at a map… Gained weight or something? He’s changed a lot since Dirty Jobs ended.

CNN published Mike’s full statement. He took this seriously enough to write a couple paragraphs and has an alibi if needed.

The police are looking for the wrong reality show star.

That’s obviously a cleverly disguised Jeff Probst.

That is one fine-looking bank robber.

I don’t get the CNN article. When the story is about an image, why the heck do you not include the image in the story? We don’t need a picture of Rowe himself; anyone interested in the article already knows what he looks like. Show us the picture of the robber so we can compare!

It’s on this page next to him. It could be just about anybody of a certain build wearing a baseball cap and sweatshirt. But it does evoke his television character image.

I’m confident that he didn’t take it seriously. He takes very little seriously, which is a huge part of his appeal. He saw it as an opportunity for an amusing Facebook post, and he took it.

Yeah, taking it seriously would call for talking to the police about it, not just posting some silliness on Facebook.