Mike Rowe vs....Oscar the Grouch!


Why the rolleyes? That was hilarious. (“I work from home.” Heh.)

Also, I think this is the first time I’ve seen Oscar outside of his trash can. Is that something they’ve been doing recently on the show, or is it as unusual as it seems?

I don’t get the eye roll either. I’m a big fan of Mike Rowe and Dirty Jobs, and that was a very amusing video. Mike has never encountered a dirty job he ever shied away from. Giving a pig a mud bath seems to be one of the easiest of the many dirty jobs Mike has had to perform.

I <3 Mike!

Apparently Oscar’s can has both a backdoor and a sidedoor. :smiley:

I seem to recall in one of the Sesame Street books that Oscar actually had a fairly decent sized subterranean bunker. The can was just the entrance.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about pop culture, it’s you know you’re cool when you finally get invited to guest star with…

Mike Rowe.

When is this guy running for president?

Talk about your dirty jobs…

Aww, that was cute!

I saw that when it aired. It was great!

Yes, it seems Oscar is leaving his can nowdays. Also, apparently, [url=http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Grouches is a species, and there are several of them. There is the girlfreind Grundgeta as well as few others.

Why yes, I am a new father, why do you ask?

Hit the wrong green smiley


This is wonderful! Will my grandson see this on Sesame Street, or will it Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs”? Where can America see this wonderful item? Young minds, that is my grandkids, want to know.

Love, Phil

This is from Sesame Street- episode 4178, to be exact.

I remember there being other grouches when I was a kid, both on the show and in Sesame Street books. I’m not old enough to remember Oscar being orange on TV, but I remember several books I had where he was orange. Does Oscar still have his worm pet?

He certainly does. Slimey is a good natured worm and likes to be read a chapter of his favorite adventure book, The Adventures of Trash Gordon, by Oscar before being tucked in for the night. Oscar is happy to oblige, but naturally, he doesn’t want others to see this rare show of affection from a grouch.

While I’m a huge “Dirty Jobs” and Mike Rowe booster, you may want to pre-screen any episodes before showing them to your kids. Most of them are great for children - the Vegas-strip garbage recycling pig farmer comes to mind - but some get a little intense. Last week he was cutting tails off lambs, then castrating them with his teeth.

Oh, that’s not that unusual- that’s one of Oscar the Grouch’s favorite hobbies! Oh, wait…I’m thinking of collecting trash. It’s easy to get those two confused.