Mike Tyson back in the News

I just heard that this guy once had over $200 Mllion Dollars. Right now he has roughly $5000 to his name…period! Has anyone else here heard anything about this?

you mean he blew all his money instead of wisely investing it for the future? Shocking. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be surprised if he has 0.50 to his name.

He’s been rapidly approaching broke for years now. It’s only in the news again because he said he wants to fight again now that he’s down to his last few thousand. His money has been terribly managed- first of all, Tyson himself isn’t exactly the most competent decision-maker, but tack onto that the fact that his management team seems to have been skimming quite a bit off the top, and I doubt anyone in the world, Tyson included, is all that surprised.

ESPN says he’s down to his last $5,553 as of Dec 31. He also has over $10 million in liabilities. The odd part of the filing is that he earned $5.68 in November. What did he do to earn 5 bucks???

He did recover nicely and earned $720k in December though.
As others have said, none of this is too surprising. He’s not exactly a financial genius, but he also had so many hands in his pockets over his career, it’s a wonder he made it this long. Don King is really one of the slimiest creatures to ever slither his way across the national stage. This article states that Tyson earned $200 million in his career. I’d like to to see how much of that ever actually ended up in Mike’s bank account.

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Tyson has been making very poor decisions all his adult life so I don’t think anyone will be to surprised. It is sad though that after getting his head pounded for years that he may end up broke. It would be interesting to know where all that money went.

Sad? Not really. The guy’s a world-class ass, and I can’t really say I feel bad for him.

Maybe he blew the cash on lotsa fast cars an’ wimminz?

I would love for just one chance to show “the powers that be” that I’d be quite the financially responsible miss after getting a sizeable windfall…

“Ninety percent of my salary I spent on booze and women … and the other ten percent I wasted.” - Tug McGraw, baseball pitcher