Mild Breathing Problem

I run a lawn business (amongst other things) and am exposed to a decent amount of 4 stroke and some 2 stroke fumes throughout the day. My equipment is working properly and has no visible smoke coming out.

Now, all summer I haven’t experienced this, but just recently since things are a little drier here in S. Fla. I have been getting this weird breathing problem that happened a lot last winter, and a lot in my 3 years as a lawn guy… I can’t take a full, deep breath without feeling tight and then coughing.

Now, since this problem seems to correlate with dry conditions (my nose is full of dirt at the end of the day), could this be from inhaling too much dust and dirt, or is this a fume problem? Is it CO inhalation?

This problem usually goes away slowly within 4-5 hours. Is this problem a cause for alarm?

First suspect is mild poisoning from CO inhalation. Other irritants, including dust/dirt would compound it, but I would expect a good hard cough if you were taking in lots of debirs that needed to be ejected.

Are you doing a lot of gasoline pouring?.. because those fumes alone could make you sick, especially in summer.

Not a doc.

A doc like Qagdop would probably ask, “Any headaches or dizziness?”

Sounds like my asthma symptoms when I was untreated. If it’s an unproducitve cough, along with the tight chest I would hie thee to a doctor for a breathing test and perhaps some allergy testing.

Asthma can be serious, it can kill. (I spent 4 days in the hispital, 1 on a ventilator in the ICU because I didn’t treat asthma seriously). You remember that breathing is rather important to you? Please go see a doctor for an evaluation.

I had bronchitis only as a little kid but I have absolutely no breathing related problems other than this episodal lawn issue. (I exercise regularly, sometimes pretty intensely.) And this thing always goes away pretty quickly.

There was a very slight headache yesterday too, but that was probably because we ran out of water too soon.

I felt fine, just could not take a deep breath. I would cough before I could, and it felt really really tight. I still felt fine though just sitting in the truck going home. I wouldn’t even notice it unless I would take a deep breath.