Mildew proof Caulk; What? Where? Help!

I have a friend who is looking for tube caulk that is mildew proof for her bathroom;
any leads?

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You’re not going to find mildew 'PROOF" no matter what the tube says. mildew will growon soap film. Silicon caulks are the most resistant,kinda messy to use siliconized latex is easier almost as good. Look for “Mildew resitant” on the tube. Any homesupply, hardware store, wally world or K mart. ( cheaper at the 'marts, maybe more info at the supplys higher cost but good info at hardware store. Keep it dry wipe it with a bleach solution, vent the room ,bright lights. Still won’t help though, I got a real nice culture going,I am going to have to set it free soon. That’s the problem with trying to domesticate things that were meant to live is cute when it is little but it soon grows to be unmanagable and dangerous

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