Miles the Monkey World Tour NYC

Well I got the little guy on Friday and had him spend the weekend with me.

However there were several things going against us.

First off the weather in NYC was rainy on Friday and all day Saturday. The forecast for Sunday was the same but we did have nice weather and Miles and I got out of the apartment for a while.

We visited the Brooklyn Bridge, The Guggenheim, Central Park and Times Square.

I did get some lovely photos and I brought them to work with me to add them to the photo CD. However my work PC does not write to CD so I’ve included my disk of photos of Miles adventure in NYC.

Miles did work on his diary while with me. He wrote in the diarly ‘himself’ instead of having me write for him as he did at other stops.*

Miles also bought a small gift for the next person to host him. She is in Tallahasshee Fl. The gift is in his hands. (inside his personal box) He also picked up some trinkets of his visit to me. (including some cat hair, sorry but Penny did snuggle with him a bit)

He is now on the way to Florida.

*Sorry, but I reading Dracula right now, which as you probably know is a series of journal entries by various characters. So I just could resist having Miles write his own journal entries.

Awesome! I can’t wait to see those pictures.

I am so glad Miles had fun in NYC!
My kids will be excited to know that Miles has left New York and is headed somewhere else.