Military Aviation buffs, take a look.
Not sure how long it will stay but here is a top down view of the USS Intrepid heading back to it’s home after repairs. The Intrepid is a museum ship in NYC,
I can ID the SR-71 and the F-14 is parked next to it. God the F-14 looks huge.

What else can you identify on deck?

E2-C AWACs plane; it’s the dual turbo prop one with the saucer on top of it.

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Can’t see the picture.

I think the Intrepid’s SR-71 is actually an A-12. Single seat version of the Blackbird.

Is there a direct link?

Try this

The four helicopters are (I think) are an HO4S, an SH3, a Huey and a Cobra.

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Johnny L.A, the A-12 has a different nose from the SR-71, the fuselage fairings didn’t extend all the way to the tip because it actually housed a targeting radar in there. So it had a normal looking round cross section radome. So it’s a SR-71.

Top left is a F-4 Phantom II, I believe.

The one next to the F-14 Tomcat looks like it could be an A-6 Intruder. One of the blue-and-yellow planes looks like the colours of the Blue Angels squadron, which would mean it’s a F-18 Hornet.

I don’t recognise the delta-winged plane at the back of the carrier: it’s too small to be an F-102 or F-106, and the fighters it does remind me of are French designs.

Here’s the museum website.

It’s an A-12.

There are a number of foreign aircraft, and some of their collection is apparently out of sight on the hangar deck below, including a Condorde.

They have a French Entendard – maybe that.

It was the Kfir, an Israeli fighter based on the French Dassault Mirage. So I was right after all. I got the A-6, too, but Blue Angels plane was a F-11 Tiger, not a F-18.

The aircraft right in front of the A-12 appears to be the F-16. The light blue aircraft near the curved boat wake on the port side, angled deck looks like the FJ-3 Fury. The one to it’s left (orange) is a MiG-21, and to the right (green) appears to be the MiG-15 or 17.

I was a Stinger Missile Officer way back when, and ACID (Aircraft Identification) was a big part of the training. This was almost 20 years ago, so I could be rusty.

Could it be a Mig 21?

I thought the light blue one may be an F-86. An A-4 next to the blue angels F-11?

Edit, disregard the F-86 comment, essentially the same as an FJ-3.

And probably the Macchi 339 rather than a blue A-4 next to the F-11.

Top left is not an F-4; bottom row third from the left is.

The Blue Angels plane on the right is an A-4, not an F-18.

Upon further review I agree with this. The Blue Angels plane does look like the F-11, not the A-4. Wish I had a higher res picture, the shadows made it hard to distinguish the swept wings from the delta.

The A-4 must be below deck then; no other plane on that deck even comes close to looking like one.

Duh! The second link (dynamitedave’s) goes to a slideshow, where there are a few closer shots of various aircraft.