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I am wondering just how many Americans are favorable of the idea of cutting military spending and then re-investing that money in America’s infrastructure. I came across a petition on titled that very thing (was doing a search of petitions) and it hit me as a very prudent thing to do. As a retired veteran, I witnessed first hand for over 20 years, the waste and profiteering that goes on in the defense spending apparatus of our nation. I am just wondering how many of you are favorable of supporting something of this nature.

I favor it but fear the military industrial complex/lobby has more swaying power than my vote.

I think most of us are in favor of reduction, but Democracy doesn’t matter in this case.

About 37 percent of Americans think the defense budget is too large and 28 percent think it is too small.

The only way out is to cut spending across the board: military, government, consumer, etc. Unfortunately, this can’t take place because none of the sectors will accept lower spending.

Why is that the only way to cut spending?

The question is, cut military spending where?

Too much pork tied up. The suits are even ordering the construction of gear (tanks, notably) that the generals in the Pentagon emphatically and explicitly do not want more of. And then there’s the positively silly F-35…
The military-industrial complex is about make-work.

The very first step is to get every single incumbent out of office immediately; from the President down to local Mayors/city councils, and then replace them all by lottery, not corporation supplied and anonymous money rigged elections.

That being said, yes, the US spends WAY too much on the military.

I do think we spend too much on the military, but I also am concerned that it we trim it, where will all those people be integrated into the price sector economy?

The machinists and engineers building ships and planes. The soldiers, the folks working at the PX etc. Where do their replacement jobs come from?

It seems a very complicated decision.

Look across the Atlantic guys - we are certainly cutting ours back - still to much brass though, and the RAF should be merged with what’s left of the Navy, but cutting it back they are.

Of course we can always rely on your lot to bail us out if we get in trouble I guess.

Trouble with whom ? The UK has nukes. Yes, Prime Minister’s “salami tactics” notwithstanding, T-72s are not rolling up Picadilly Square any time soon.

Well - we did have a bit of bother in the Crimea back in the 1850s. Let’s hope we keep our noses out this time.

Checks under bed.

Oh! and it’s Piccadilly Circus. We also have Trafalgar Square if that’s what you meant. Of course Horse Guards would be more likely.


I’m half-drunk. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it. Bit wobbly so.

*Good *for you!

The Chinese or Russians would sure appreciate our fine infrastructure then they take over the USA.

Luckily my coffee is still brewing or it would be all over the keyboard. You crack me up.

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I think military spending should be cut across the board, except for any cuts that will affect my district.

Because nothing solves complicated economical problems like throwing shitloads of ignorance at it, right? Would you use the same approach to pick your teachers or babysitters? How about picking your surgeon by lottery?