Military use of weather

I remember watching an infotainment show about hurricanes which showed that seeding the eye wall would cause the storm to weaken and change direction. It was a 50’s and 60’s style new reel and the program sayed the project was abandon of protest by cuba, who beleive the US would use the technology to level the island simply by steering storms into it.
Since tensions have somewhat relaxed since the 60s, does anyone know of research beening done on weakinging huricanes?

Apparently not!!

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– William of Ockham

I live in New Orleans,Louisiana and I’m watching Floyd
come rolling in south enough in the Atlantic to easily take a dip into the Gulf and beat hell out of my house.

If they haven’t done the research…now would
be a heck of a time to start!


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This is from a friend of mine who’s a meteorologist, and who (I believe) stays pretty current on technology in the field: