Military wants its own spies. Didn't we just unify intelligence gathering?

I really can’t add much to this Los Angeles Times story.

It’s hard to keep the lid on empire building and I think that military people have never trusted the CIA to give them the infoo they think they need. Why should an act of Congress change that?

This is so stupid. The CIA was originally supposed to be the central clearing house for all the intelligence that various defense and civilian agencies had. But bureaucratic turf wars, inter-agency rivalries, etc. made that impossible. So then they created an entirely new agency Dept. Homeland Security which was supposed to do what the CIA was originally supposed to do. Now DoD wants in on the game. Such a waste of resources and time. Geez.

Maybe the military wants to spy on the CIA? :dubious:

Well, hold on a moment. This isn’t such a bad idea. The CIA, after all, has a very different focus from the DoD. The FBI has another interest, and the NSA yet another. The Dept. of Homeland Security will have yet another (in some ways similar to the FBI, but completely). The DoD presumably wants to look at military capabilities of its potential enemies.

The fact is that the CIA could never handle every job at once. Perhaps its best to have multiple departments, anyway.