Milk jugs on lawns

I’ve seen some people strategically place plastic 2 gallon milk jugs on the edges of their lawn, supposedly to ward off the marauding packs of wild dogs which theorectically become frightened by an unmoving, water filled jug.

What is the real reason behind these public eyesores, not unlike those concrete geese? I assume they are meant to instantly prove to your neighbors what kind of refined and classy taste you have in exterior decorating motifs.

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Those milk jugs are only effective if you can persuade the marauding dog pack members in your neighborhood to wear cottage cheese containers around their necks. Crossing this invisible dairy fence causes them to become lactose-intolerant and they’ll stop carrying off your children tootsweet.

Tootsweet! My God, I haven’t heard that expression in years! Did you do time in SE Asia, Nickrz? Anyway, about those milk jugs - some folks put household cleaning ammonia in containers and put them at the edge of their yards to keep critters away. Here in Alaska, I have always told folks that an effective bear repellent is ammonia squirted from a water gun. Bears and other animals seem to dislike ammonia intensely. Now, about those big shiny balls on pedestals in some front yards…

Ah, here’s one Cecil covered a long time ago. Check this out:


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SS Asia? Maybe I’m wrong but isn’t that a French expression? (Tout de suite meaning right away)

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Not really sure what the milk jugs are for as I have not seen them, but my favorite is the half-buried tires that mark the entrance to the home.

Maybe it wards off pesky neighbors or salespeople.