Milk sucking statues

I recall some years ago that there was numerous news reports about idols of Ganesh (an Indian god) drinking offerings of milk placed before them. As I recall, statues all around the country did so (the event wasn’t localized) and took place during a religious event. I remember distinctly seeing actual footage of the occurances. Does anyone else recall this? Was this ever debunked or is it still unexplained?

Seems to me I heard that the stone absorbed the liquid. Not much of a mystery.

Capillary action between the statue and the bowl/spoon of milk.

The guy who debunked it, was, if I remember correctly, able to duplicate the “miracle” with a Mr. Potato head, or somesuch toy.


What Billy Rubin said.

It was during the festival called “Ganesh Chaturthi”… which is when Indians worship the elephant headed god called Ganesh or Ganpati.

Temples took advantage of the situation and the chaos that arose from the initial reports… there were huge lines at all Ganesh temples… believers were awe struck… now stronger in their belief that there is indeed a god… and it is him… but, at the end of the day, science explained the phenomenon rather plainly.

Part of the problem with this country is that we have a lot of people who are not educated in the sciences (or even not educated at all), so they are less skeptical, especially when it has anything to do with religion or god.

Some possible explanations:
Milky Miracles: the drinking statue

The most common explanation of the skeptics seems to involve capillary action causing the milk to flow down the sides of the statue.