MilliCal Wins a Spelling Bee!

,and loses one.

Last Wednesday she suddenly learned that she was in the school spelling bee, and took first place. This set her in place for the Regional, which was last Friday. She made it to the sixth round before tripping up on an unfamiliar word.

I wish they’d given her more notice – the winners seemed well-prepared. But I;m proud of her.

That’s the stuff! Congrats to her. :slight_smile:

Good for her! I have little or no advice except that if she wants to try again, obviously some practice would be a good thing. I’ve always been a good speller but still crapped out at the county or district – can’t remember which – level due to a lack of practice in spelling bees. Who knows what she could do if she wants to? Neverless, good job, well done!

I agree with **whiterabbit **that practice would be good. I never studied especially for a bee, but I read a LOT and almost always knew the words.

Until I was in the county bee, and stumped. But knew what it had to be when I asked for the definition. Was so relieved I rushed through the word and left out a letter. If I had practiced I would have known of the risks of doing something like that.

Practice would be great, although AFAIK they sprung this on her – we had no idea until the day of the school bee that she even going to be in a bee, and then two dayd later was the regional.

I note that almost all of those getting eliminated at the end were being socked by words they hadn’t heard before.