Millit the Frail has some happy news

Over here he mentions his best news of the year, but somehow he feels too shy to start a self-congratulatory thread.

Let the wild rumpus begin! Congratulations MtF!

He’s a she. I know that because I met her, and she is a very pretty she.

Congratulations, Millit! Seems your abbreviation - MtF - is indeed appropriate for this thread! :wink:

For those (like me) who hate to have to click a link: Millit just got into nursing school.

Congratulations! Wishing you luck.

Congratualtion Millit, my Masonic Mafioso buddy!!

:smack: I got all confused seeing -her- in the “male nurse” thread. Sorry MtF!


Congrats, Millit! Do we get to see a pic with you in a sexy white nurse uniform? :smiley:


Err…where in the hell was my brain during that bit 'o typing?

“Congratulations” as well. :slight_smile:

At least you didn’t spell it “congradulations”, as all too many people do…

Let’s hope we get to celebrate Millit’s graduation in a thread a few years down the road!

Congratulations! From someone who has struggled a long time with figuring out what I want to be when I grow up, you have my undying envy for figuring out what you want to do and doing it. You go, girl!

As I used to do myself. Then one day I realized – when I shorten it, I type “Congrats!”, not “Congrads!”. Never made that mistake again…

I’m picturing Millet the Frail in a nurse’s outifit.
I like it. I like it a lot.

Yeah, she’s quite attractive. :slight_smile: If that’s OK for me to say, being a girl and all.

Does she even know about this thread? Has anyone told her? Maybe I’ll see if I can PM her.


Congratulations, and PICS PLZ! :wink:

I’ve alerted her in the other thread in case she does like me and searches on her own posts.

Congratulations, Millit! Are you going to go for a BSN?

Congratulations, and good on ya for choosing nursing!

Millet is indeed a very cute chick. Out of the handful of Fe-Dopers who posted pics, hers is one that always stuck out.

If she decides to start quoting though, I might go off “des chain”.

I’m hoping that that reference doesn’t fall only on deaf ears.