Milwaukee in May

I shall be in Milwaukee all next week. Any recommendations for things I should see/try? I’m busy with work during the day, so any sights will have to happen in the early evening.

Local cuisine? I’ve got fried cheese curds noted.

I had fun doing a brewery tour there - four breweries in a loop, with a boat ride between. We embarked at Lakefront as I recall.

Unfortunately the things I was thinking that are kind of must sees this time of year like the Domes and Boerner Botanical Gardens are more daytime things but still among my favorite places in Milwaukee in the spring. The Milwaukee Art Museum has a Frank Lloyd Wright show going that I am dying to see, but again, daytime.
One option if you are around on Friday would be a tour at the Lakefront Brewery. Miller used to be a good tour too

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Hmmm. Will you by any chance be at a users group conference?

… Why yes I will be at a users group conference. Another attendee?

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Indeed. Should we wear something identifiable (but subtle) that signals our secret doper status? :smiley: