Milwaukee Restaurant suggestions needed.

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The basic was, my ex is in Milwaukee for two weeks. She is opening a new Borders downtown. She doesn’t want the best steak house in town. She doesn’t want the most expensive place in town,even though Borders is paying for it. While she isn’t a vegetarian, she likes fish and good veggies, and healthy stuff. But I’ll guarentee you she’s already had her share of dark German beer and dead German cow.

Any places that are your favorite that a tourist wouldn’t find?


River Lane Inn in Brown Deer for seafood. Either that or the Anchorage, on the north side.

The King and I for Thai food

Dancing Ganesha for top notch indian food

Botanas for really good mexican

Solly’s for the best damned cheeseburger and fries

Mama Mia’s for dependable italian-american with good pizza

Balistreri’s for dynamite pizza and egg plant strips

Nakazuma’s for great sushi and top-notch japanese food (a bit pricey tho)

Sahar’s for persian food

Beans and Barley for great veggie food

Tandoor for great veggie indian food

tons of other places available on request.

MY cup runneth over. Do you make house calls?:slight_smile:

take me along to dinner, and who knows what I’ll do.

Kopp’s for great custard

George Webb’s for the classic american greasy spoon raised to an art form. Try the “chicken flavored” noodle soup.

Real Chili has dynamite midwestern chili, served with your choice of beans or spaghetti, or both, along with chopped raw onions, if desired.

Old town or 3 brothers for good serbian food.

Polonez for great Polish food. Try the czarnina (sp?), or duck’s blood soup.

African Hut for authentic african food. Sweet potatoe fries are yummy, as is the fufu and egusi

West bank cafe for good vietnamese.

Friday night fish fry at Serb Hall is wonderful too.

Crawdaddy’s for Cajun.

Gosh, I’m hungry now

Check out the site “”. Restaurant reviews and other things to do in this city. Milwaukee has a plethora of good restaurants.

Here is a list of my favorite Milwaukee restaurants…

Sanford’s (expensive and exclusive, but worth it)
Lake Park Bistro (terrific dining, overlooking the lake)
Eddie Martini’s (suburbs, romantic, known for steak)
Mo’s (downtown, best steaks)
Hotel Metro (retro quaint, good food)
Coquette’s Cafe (wonderful food, chef is from Sanford’s)
Soup (eclectic avant-garde)
Sauce (ditto)
Elsa’s (where the famous come to be seen)
Milwaukee Ale House (great pub atmosphere and food)
Water Street Brewery (ditto)
Stout Brothers Public House (ditto)
Solly’s (I have to echo QtM, best burgers ever)
La Fuente (best Mexican, don’t even think about La Perla)
Yen Ching (northern suburbs, great Chinese)
China Gourmet (best Chinese food downtown)
Kopps (best frozen custard in the universe)

Here’s the link to where you can get write-ups and addresses for most of the restaurants mentioned above.

I can vouch for the Lake Park Bistro and Coquette’s Cafe.

I hosted two fancy expense-account dinners in those joints on a business trip a couple years back…excellent food and a great time at both.

Trocadero is a damn fine restaurant (it’s a French bistro type place). The menu isn’t huge, but it’s priced attractively and the food is good.

Swank is new and very close to where the Borders is going. I’ve yet to go there, but I haven’t heard anything bad about it. Also close to Borders is the Waterfront Deli, which I highly suggest for lunch. I don’t know how long it’s open in the evening.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food critic Dennis Getto’s Top 30 Restaurants.

Jake’s on North Avenue has the best onion rings in captivity.

Find some little tavern and have the fish fry on Friday night. Any one will do.

Kopp’s rules. Who the hell needs all five coronary arteries, anyway?


Hey, while we’re on the topic… Does the Chancery still have their all-you-can-eat beer boiled shrimp nights?

And is ‘Pieces of Eight’ still decent?

Definate call for Kopp’s as a place to stop! Burgers are still good, after all these years, and the frozen custard can’t be beat. (Although Leon’s is a good alternative, or at least was, if you’re in the neighborhood.)

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Leons wins out on Kopps custard any day. And it is within running distance from the ER where I used to work.

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By any chance, was that Sacred Heart, if you don’t mind me asking? Or am I getting my mental map of Milwaukee completely screwed up again…
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Qadgop said:

YES YES YES - I LOVE Polonez - it’s my favorite Milwaukee restaurant. I don’t live there anymore, but I make my mom take me to Polonez every time I visit. It’s wonderful, the food is great and I love seeing my tiny little grandmother speak polish with the owners.

This place is great- and the "new’ building they finally moved into is very nice.

As a freshly minted Milwaukeean by way of Chicago and LA, I’ll pay for your dinner at any one of those places just for the recommendations.

I was starting to despair.

Doc and everyone else who responded. Thanks.

You exceeded my wildest hopes. MY ex thanks you.