Mimicking Amelie

I have a friend’s pen and I am thinking I want to send it on a trip to various spots around the world, ala the garden gnome in the Movie Amelie. If you are unfamiliar, the idea its to send someting from someone from place to place (Niagra Falls, the Eiffel Tower, etc.) and take a picture of it and then mail the photograph back with a note saying how much fun the objext is having, just a typical “Wish you were here” note. What I am hoping is that I could send this to one of my fellow dopers and they could take the picture and send the note and then send the pen to somoen else, hopefully all over the world. My only reservation would be in giving out my friend’s addres to fellow dopers (not that I have any misgivings about my fellow dopers, but she may). Should I or shouldn’t I? Bad idea or good idea?

If you don’t mind giving Dopers yoyr address, you could have them send the pics to you and then give them to your friend.

Er, that’s “your address”.

A pen?!?!?

I agree…a pen? Couldn’t you stea…borrow something a bit more photographical? (Is that a word?)

It would be fun, though…get the pen to get autographs, and photograph the person using the pen…they don’t have to be famous…

I think I meant to say photograph-able. Need sleep…after Alias.

I bet most dopers have something novel in their backyards to take a picture with. I have Emily Dickinson’s grave right behind the college. What do others have?